School & University Cleaning

At CC Cleaning our mission is to create a Healthy and Clean Work Environment for our customers and staff. We recognize how important of a task it is to keep a school Clean and Healthy and that’s why we have come up with a systematic approach to managing all the daily cleaning duties required at many types of schools.

From Early Childhood Learning centers to Elementary schools and college campuses we know a large number of students and faculty can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

That’s why at CC Cleaning we pride ourselves on having the support and staff to not only make sure the job is done correctly but to have management check it over nightly and address any concerns immediately. We have taken the time to come up with our own unique checklist and processes for each individual job.

While different educations facilities may require different approaches to the way the cleanliness is achieved and different days may bring difference challenges. We strive to make sure we have the latest equipment, best practices and most educated staff possible to deal with anything that may happen in any given day.

We work with suppliers and other partners to make sure we are using the latest and most developed products to achieve a truly clean facility.

At CC Cleaning we provide Specialty training to all of our employees that work in the education sector. These Teams will properly disinfect, bathrooms, classrooms, cafeterias and everything in between. HEPA vacuums and specialty cleaning products will be used to ensure the maximum amount of cleaning is done with the most minimal amount of the environment.