Automotive Dealership Cleaning

Keep Your Business Looking Fresh and Clean – CC Cleaning provides full commercial cleaning services to automotive dealerships in Northeast Pennsylvania.
A clean and well-maintained dealership is crucial to the success of your business operations. A dirty and unsanitary dealership may discourage potential customers and decrease your chances of closing a sale. Regular cleaning and upkeep of carpets, bathrooms and showrooms are necessary to maintain a professional image, attract customers and drive business. Creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers is critical in closing sales, a well-maintained, clean and polished dealership with sanitary bathrooms and clean showroom can give you an edge.

Cleaning Services for Automotive Dealerships

When seeking a janitorial cleaning crew for a car dealership, it is essential to choose a company that offers comprehensive services. Our services include general cleaning, showroom floor maintenance, window cleaning, scrubbing, and office and cubicle cleaning when you hire us to clean your dealership.

General Cleaning

We will thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas of your office, such as lobbies, waiting areas, and other spaces that receive visitors. All surfaces will be wiped down, vacuumed, and cleaned to a level that will impress your guests.

Showroom Floors

We will give special attention to the showroom, ensuring that the floors are polished and shiny, making sure that the cars are the focus of attention for all visitors.

Window Cleaning

We assure a streak-free finish on all windows. By utilizing high-quality cleaning agents, the windows will appear shiny and free from streaks.


The showroom, waiting area, and all other areas visible to dealership guests will be maintained with hardwood floor care, high-powered scrubbing, and thorough waxing.

Office and Cubicle Cleaning

We will attend to every detail, from dusting desks to sanitizing phones to create a clean, hygienic working environment for your employees.

Best Automotive Dealership Cleaning in Northeast PA

When you choose CC Cleaning Services for your car dealership janitorial cleaning, you can have peace of mind that we only employ the most skilled, trustworthy, and dependable cleaners in Northeast Pennsylvania. All of our staff members undergo thorough screening and background checks, ensuring that they are reliable and possess the necessary expertise to properly clean your dealership and showroom.

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